Laura Walker,
Facilitator, Trainer and Coach

Dr Laura Walker - MemoryClinix

For more than 11 years Laura has been a noteworthy leader in the dementia space in the South West of England.

Locals may know Laura, and her sister-in-law Kate Smith, from the Moments Café in Plymouth, Devon, which is a quirky, city centre good food cafe designed by people living with dementia.

Memory Matters is a social enterprise and charity co-founded and driven by Laura and Kate’s belief that people living with dementia can thrive given the right environment and support.

Memory Matters is a leader in the provision of evidence-based cognitive stimulation therapy (CST) sessions which focus on all the strengths that Laura recognises in people with dementia.

Their groups are full of creativity, imagination, exploration and a whole lot of laughter delivered with curiosity and playfulness. Laura has a team of dedicated CST facilitators who lead with their hearts to create the optimum environment for cognitive stimulation.

Laura also runs her own private coaching practice dedicated to inspiring women like her to unapologetically focus on self-compassion, so that they can be abundant in what they give to the world without burning out.

She utilitises her years as a mental health nurse, using positive psychology and mindset work in her busy online coaching practice, online community and signature group programme – Juggling Happy.

Laura and her family live in Cornwall and when not working can be found paddling or swimming up and down rivers and in the sea, with two springer spaniels in tow.

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