How to prevent cognitive decline

Are you worried that you, or someone you love, are/is at risk for developing dementia? Learn more about prevention and support services available from MemoryClinix.


If you are worried about memory loss affecting yourself or a family member, a dementia assessment can provide comfort and peace of mind.

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Dementia risk factors

Woman caring for older man with dementia
According to a 2020 report of the Lancet Commission on dementia prevention, intervention and care, 40% of dementia cases can be prevented or delayed by targeting 12 risk factors throughout your life:
  • excessive alcohol consumption
  • head injury
  • air pollution
  • poor education
  • hypertension
  • hearing impairment
  • smoking
  • obesity
  • depression
  • physical inactivity
  • diabetes
  • infrequent social contact
The report recommends specifics actions for reducing these risk factors, including:
  • maintain systolic blood pressure of 130 Hg or less in midlife
  • prevent hearing loss or use hearing aids
  • reduce exposure to air pollution
  • eat a healthy balanced diet
  • prevent head injury
  • limit alcohol intake to less than 21 units per week
  • avoid smoking and second-hand tobacco smoke
  • provide children with primary and secondary education
  • reduce obesity and the risk of diabetes
  • sustain an active lifestyle including regular exercise
  • maintain a regular and healthy sleeping pattern

There are also many inequality risk factors linked to cognitive decline, particularly in black, Asian and minority ethnic groups and other vulnerable populations.


    We are the first memory clinic in the UK that is offering dementia prevention services.


    How can MemoryClinix help?

    Our team at Psychiatry-UK are able to offer expert assessment and support for people who are at risk for developing dementia. Book an initial virtual assessment with a psychiatrist to discuss your lifestyle and medical conditions. We can then identify potential risk factors linked with dementia. Using our approved services, we can help you to modify the risk factors in your lifestyle.

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    How the MemoryClinix care plan works

    Producing a personal care plan involves a three-stage process:


    STEP ONE: Initial assessment

    Includes medical and psychiatric history, mental state examination and cognitive and daily living activities (ADLs) testing. It might also be necessary to organise dementia blood tests and a CT head scan.


    STEP TWO: Diagnosis and treatment consultation

    Following the results of the tests mentioned in step one, we will be able to put a diagnosis. Once a diagnosis is made we can formulate a personal care plan tailored to the patient’s needs.


    STEP THREE: Post diagnosis support and follow-up

    We can advise on support services and treatments using trusted specialists registered on our HLP-U directory.

    Memory problems — help for all

    There are many reasons you may be looking for help for your Memory loss and dementia concerns. Find your reason below to get the best help with MemoryClinix.

    I’m concerned about a family member

    I’m concerned about my own memory

    Advice on dementia prevention

    I have a family history of dementia

    Advice on mild cognitive impairment

    Advice on living with dementia

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