Worried about memory loss and dementia?

From personal online consultations to general prevention advice, the MemoryClinix experts are here to help both people who are worried about their memory and their family members. We assess your cognitive function and your lifestyle-related risk factors for dementia, and then we create personalised care plans adapted to the individual needs of each patient.


If you are worried about memory loss affecting yourself or a family member, a dementia assessment can provide comfort and peace of mind.

Call us on 0330 124 1970 to arrange a free, no-obligation, Mini-ACE cognitive test (worth £100).

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How can we help you?

Whatever the reasons for your concerns around memory loss and dementia, MemoryClinix is here to answer your questions and to get you the help you require. In order for us to understand your needs, please select one of the options below:

I’m concerned about a family member

I’m concerned about my own memory

Advice on dementia prevention

I have a family history of dementia

Advice on mild cognitive impairment

Advice on living with dementia

Not sure what help you need?
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About MemoryClinix

We combine mental health expertise, recent medical research data and latest video conferencing technology to offer a comprehensive memory loss and dementia prevention support service.